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Find out by registering on the page we have created in SEEDRS our partner in this round of Crowdfunding.

IceCoBar chooses SEEDRS as partner in Crowdfunding.

SEEDRS is an online investment platform for leading growth companies in Europe, founded in the United Kingdom in 2012. SEEDRS allows anyone to invest in companies with high growth potential together with professional investors, business angels, venture capital funds and institutions public through the same technological platform.

Since it began operating, SEEDRS has channeled more than 700 million € for more than 830 operations. Companies such as the Digital Banking Revolut app, which in 2017 achieved an investment of €4 million, as well as companies such as Etergo, Homeit, Bonaverde and Sono Motors are some of the companies that have successfully financed their growth through Seedrs.

What is Crowdfunding?
It is a modality through which a promoter of a project or entrepreneur can apply for funding through an equity crowdfunding platform and receive multiple contributions from investors who bet on their project and do so in exchange for receiving benefits, rents, shares or shares in the company. Equity crowdfunding is an investment modality that works for projects with financial needs of a certain size, especially projects that are already in operation but that need to address new markets, new lines of activity or expand capital.

If you are a small investor, Private Investor (Business Angel), Family Office or Private Equity Fund and you are investing and becoming a shareholder in a franchise project with high profitability and growth possibilities, discover the excellent investment opportunity that IceCoBar represents .

Our goal is to democratize IceCoBar investment for everyone. Now anyone who wants to be part of IceCoBar project with great potential for growth, international expansion, can achieve it and be part of our group of shareholders.

IceCobar joins a high profitability business model with an ecosystem of entrepreneurs nationwide.

Upcoming international expansion through Master Franchises.
Preferential financing agreements with BBVA, Sabadell.
We want to expand capital to generate growth of our own IceCobar network, expand the Marketing strategy and our structure.
We will present you investors pitch and financial plan so that you know the investment possibilities in IceCobar. What are you waiting for?

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Master Franchises
If you are an international investor and you want to opt to develop IceCoBar in your country, find out about the expansion opportunities we offer through Master Franchise.