WaffleBubble - The revolution of the waffle - With more flavor


Gofre con burbujas
How we prepare your Gofre con burbujas


The waffle completely revolutionised!

We call it the WaffleBubble! It’s a really typical dessert in Hong Kong. However, IceCoBar has transformed this typical desert by adding air filled bubbled, adding to the flavour!

Made right in front of you!

In less than 3 minute we can serve you your warm sweet treat filled with your favourite cookies, fruits and syrups! Do not miss out on the Nutella!

As for the toppings!

As with most things at IceCoBar, we let you choose your toppings. Whether that’s, dulce de leche, nutella, Kinder Bueno etc or perhaps a more refreshing fruit syrup!
Gofre con burbujas

The show

As always, the way of making our products is a whole performance which will promise to activate your 5 senses

For the sweet tooth

The first time you come to IceCoBar, you will totally enjoy the variety of cookies, chocolate and fruit that we offer you. Choosing which flavours you want will be the hard part!

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