WaffleBubble - The revolution of the waffle - With more flavor

Icebubble Sello

Waffle and icecream

Imagine the best Waffle Bubble filled with your choice of Ice Cream Rolls, 1 syrup and the toppings of your choice. It is on another level!

Completely home made

All products are homemade at our IceCoBar stores in a viewing experience. Not to mention made with love too!

A fusion of hot and cold

The combination of the cold of the ice cream on the warmth of the waffle is something indescribable ...

An exclusive product

ONLY at IceCoBar you can find the famous IceBubble. This product we are proud to say we do better than anyone!

To share

Whether alone or with friends. The IceBubble is a product of love and happiness. Come and share it!

Experience the likes on instagram

Our products not only taste amazing, but they look perfect too! Share them on Instagram and wait for the likes!

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